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All the 'secrets' you need to know to publish and sell your book online.

The 'secrets' authors require to build a presence on the internet.

Become informed about Google’s methods: PANDA & Penguin.

Packed with information and what to do options.

Buy the book that gives you the low-down and the insider’s knowledge of how to independently publish and promote your book: printed or digital.

Providing the techniques to build and enhance your own web site to become visible on the internet.

Simplified SEO search engine and web site optimisation techniques.

The Book-Kit explains and demystifies the simple do-it-yourself techniques required.

"Until I learned about the methods in The Book-Kit I thought it was harder to self publish than it was to write the book!" - a selected quote from a reader.

Aimed primarily at authors the techniques in the Book-Kit are applicable for any business website.

The publishing industry maintains the myth that only the 'correct' channels can professionally produce and promote books. Any authors believing and accepting this propaganda can therefore only envision meagre returns for writing their books. The Book-Kit sets you free. Don't join them, join us.


I recently spoke to an author who is now onto his third book; the publisher has told him that he must do lots more work himself to promote the book, such as posting items onto websites and joining discussions on social networking sites and attending book promotion and signing days – all at his own time and expense.

All such marketing activity was once the reason for getting a publisher in the first place, so you might be asking why does the publisher still require a high percentage, especially when all this work and its associated costs are being thrown back to the author.

In these times with most retailing becoming digital, then this work means obtaining Web-Presence and if this is done on the basis of a Self-Publishing task, such an author will be better rewarded doing so independently.

This is the purpose of The Book–Kit – how an author can get published, publicised and noticed on the internet and at the very least break even on the project!

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