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New version – updated with additional content and illustrated with hundreds of original record labels.

The secret story of the Twisted Wheel Club Manchester: where Northern Soul began.

This book is very different from anything that has been written about this scene before: focusing upon the amphetamine drug culture that fuelled the All-nighters.

It describes what went on and what it was really like to belong to an underground youth movement based on Mod culture that evolved into the 100% Soul Mod scene in the City. In fact based at two clubs, the other one was the Blue Note Club that initially had the legendary ex-Twisted Wheel D.J. Roger Eagle as its formative musical director.

The book is in the format of a novel, and tells it like it really was!

If you want to know what it was really like at the ‘epicentre‘ of the Mod Soul movement that began the phenomenon of Northern Soul: read The Manchester Wheelers.


Available as a collectable print edition or downloadable digital version.

Where Northern Soul Began  

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