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We recommend that you construct a website to promote you book

This should be simple and the ones already shown on this website are examples of what points you should be covering, with a simple no fuss layout.

We recommend that you do this even if you are publishing through Amazon.
On your Amazon listing you can have a link through to your own book promoting webpages.

The pages should be optimized so that keywords and other variable descriptions will capture interested readers from various search parameters within the navigation structures of the internet.

We can do this for you for a small fee and for a little more we can build your book promotion website for you.

Remember; promotion, marketing of your book is essential, we are now living in a new publishing age, its cheaper and more efficient to publish on demand. Finding an old fashioned publisher who will print your book and market it will take all the profitability from your work. And forget about selling through bookshops they will take a further slice. What little return you may obtain from your work should at least be kept for yourself.

You can compete in this new publishing age, but you need to do the marketing yourself and this begins with a webpage or  a small website for each of your books.

Checking, checking and re-checking.

Writing a book is often a very difficult and lengthy process and you may think that its the end of the process once you’ve completed your manuscript.

However copy editing and proof reading can be a longer and very difficult final process.

With copy editing: everything needs to be checked read and re-read for, consistency and grammar, questions need to be addressed - does it make sense, in paragaphical blocks and also in the entire sense of the piece, the structure and the plot, the overall narrative, the spelling all these areas need to be thoroughly checked.

There are professional that can do this (for a fee). Same thing applies with proofreading.

Proofreading is the final stage it means laboriously checking again, spelling and grammar, punctuation, checking and scrutinising the text for typesetting errors, inconsistencies, mistakes in the overall design, the layout, chapter headings, everything needs also a final dispassionate look through.

My experience is that no matter how many times you might check your document yourself it will still have errors because you know what ‘you’ mean and this acts like a form of ‘blindness’ and you mind compensates for errors that your eyes might miss. Then it can be compounded with differences in a computer screen and a ‘printed version’. I have noticed that I read differently for each option so its best to print out your book in its final layout format and read it again.

Also it’s a very good idea to get someone other than yourself to read it, to check it, best if its two persons and one that has a good handle on spelling and grammar.

Even the professionals that you pay a fee too for doing this job can make obvious mistakes!

The next step is to get the document printed as a finished book.

We recommend Booksurge for this, as they are the best cost efficient and modern marketing outfit that suits the current trends in book buying.

However their self publishing operation has certain issues and these will be covered here soon. - Books - Help - Contact