The Town of 2nd Hand Book Shops

Hay-on-Wye / Y Gelli

The Sensible Book Shop


The Bookshop


The Addyman Annexe
Murder & Mayhem


Hay-on-Wye Booksellers
01497 820875

Backfold Books




The Hay Book Company


Rose's Books
Children's & Illustrated Books
01497 820013
Broad Street
Addyman Books


Oxford House Books
01497 820191
Bookends 321
9 Castle St
Bookseller Garden
01497 820471
Rest for the Tyred


Hay Cinema Bookshop

Francis Edwards
Corner Bookshop
 01497 830443
Boz Books


The Poetry Bookshop
01497 821812
Outcast Books


Richard Booth's Bookshops Ltd


Honesty Bookshop
Books at Hay Castle

Honesty Bookshop
Books at Hay Castle