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  The Manchester Wheelers
'You ain’t been nowhere till you’ve been in with the In Crowd’ - Dobie Gray

The story of what it was like to be 'in' at the Twisted Wheel and to be a Manchester Soul Mod. This novel gives insights into the 'Wheel' from the Brazenose Street period onwards and describes the Mods, the drugs, the ups and the come downs, the music and what it was like at Junior Walkers Allnighter in 1967. In the format of a novel it puts in what all the other books about this scene have left out. Written by one of the numerous 'Dave's' who did go frequently to the club.
Full of stories and anecdotes; If you were there, relax... the names have been changed so the grandchildren will not be embarrassed.
It charts the start of what later became the ‘Northern Soul Scene’ you will gain an insight into the events, happenings and behavior of a youth culture focused on fashion, drugs and soul.
It’s a story and also an anthropology of modern social groupings and how to survive them. It's also a journey inside the head of a DJ with multiple mental questions about the nature of his runaway mind. And of course more than anything its about the MUSIC!
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 The Maskirovka of Max and  Moritz
This book is simply amazing, if you want to know some hidden Jewish war history get this.
Packed with things you wont get from current Westernised history of the main victors of WW2. Like how communists at the top of England's secret service were helping the Russians to confuse the Germans secret service! English Communist sympathisers feeding Bletchley park secrets directly to the Russians at the same time operators gave details to Bletchley Park superiors!
Hitler believed that to defeat the Red Army at Stalin Grad was critical and would result in finishing that war front. But the Russians 'knew' that Hitler believed the name of the city held extra significance; named so after the dictator and that as result, Hitler believed that ALL Red Army forces were defending it, when in fact, contrary to popular belief Stalin was not so self conditioned and had the main Red Army forces and weapons held back in a strategic back door attack.
A great well researched book that deserves a Steven Spielberg film! - Books - Help - Contact