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The Maskirovka of Max and Moritz:
by Avraham Ziv-Tal

Reviews: This book is simply amazing, if you want to know some hidden Jewish war history get this.

Packed with things you wont get from current Westernised history.

Like how communists at the top of England's secret service were helping the Russians to confuse the Germans secret service!

That the Russians were fed Bletchley park secrets (John Cairncross) at the same time operators gave details to Bletchley Park superiors: About Hitler's secret messages to his generals in the field (Tunny decrypts). [Find out more at]

Hitler believed that to defeat the Red Army at Stalin Grad would finish them, the Russians 'knew' that Hitler believed the name of the city held extra significance named so after the dictator and that as result, Hitler believed that ALL Red Army forces were defending it, when in fact, contrary to popular belief Stalin was not so self conditioned and had the main Red
Army forces and weapons held back in a strategic back door attack.

A great well researched book that deserves a Steven Spielberg film!

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